birthday girl

Our sweet Ella-nay is one. She is such a character, a delight, a unique and welcome addition to our family. We recently celebrated the big birthday at a party for Ella, and her little friend, Josiah, who is three days younger. Here are some of the highlights.

I saw these butterfly cupcakes in Hello Cupcake and was excited to try them. The butterflies were made out of melting wafers and painted on wax paper- it was actually fairly simple. They turned out really fun! Since the party was also for a little boy, the bugs seemed an important addition.

On the cupcakes, the butterfly wings were propped up by chocolate-covered raisins and then sealed with frosting. The tricky part was the antennas were constantly breaking. Isaac was so excited for the cupcakes, it really was painful for him to wait all day to get to eat them. And then once people arrived, he STILL had to wait. A good lesson for the little guy.

Ella in her party dress. She doesn’t mind dresses but crawls funny trying to get around quickly.

Opening gifts- one of the first was a bow which matched her dress quite nicely! She also got clothes, books, a play kitchen, stainless steel cookware, and some fun little toys.

This picture cracks me up because she has her cell phone in one hand and keys in the other (gifts from her adoring brothers).

Finally- cupcake time!

The dress came off as we prepared for Ella’s cake tasting.

First, just a little taste.

And then a handful…

And with great enthusiasm, she dove in!

Ella seems to agree with me that every birthday should involve serious amounts of chocolate. I did not get a picture of the quick bath it took to peel the frosting off, or of the tub covered in cake, or of her happy smile at the end. But it was a fun afternoon and we’re so thankful to have a one-year old daughter.

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