big news…like really tall

I have been negligent. There is big news around here and I haven’t blogged about it. I could blame the kids. The diet. The daily busyness that somehow makes the days long but the weeks fast. But I won’t. Here is the latest and greatest addition to our household.

The Fort. Also known as The Ship, The Clubhouse, The Hideout, etc.

The kids all approve, as you can tell. I knew this would be an awesome way to enjoy being outside and encourage creative, active play. What I didn’t anticipate was how much of my time would be spent responding to the call, “Mom, push please!” But it has been so fun.
A side benefit of the whole thing is that there is now somewhere to contain Ella in the yard. She is so busy, and loves to tear around, so this is a huge plus. Surprisingly, she will sit happily in the swing for twenty minutes at a time!

So that’s the news. If you’re in town, call us up for a play date. The more the merrier!

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