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Bible memory, part 2

If you haven’t read the previous post titled “thoughts on memorizing the bible with your children”, this will make a lot more sense if you check that out first. You can scroll down or click here.

I have a few minutes this evening so I thought I’d give a few ideas of Bible passages that you can use and then answer Alicia’s question in the comments of the last post.

I don’t think there is necessarily a wrong thing to memorize, but I do think there are certain passages that can excite kids or are easier to understand at a young age. Here are some I have done in different capacities:

  • Genesis 1:24-25- talks about how God made different creatures and has some fun descriptive words about the animals.  It is also a helpful passage to know as you talk about evolution- that animals produce “each according to its kind”. 
  • Ephesians 6:10-19- what little boy doesn’t love to know the armor of God? This is a great beginner one because little people can fill in the blank. You say, “Take up the shield of ____” and they respond “Faith!”
  • Hebrews 11:1-40- Heroes of the Faith- this is an amazing passage in so many ways- also a great overview of the Old Testament. 
  • Romans 11:33-36- brief passage about the great span and otherness  of God
  • Psalm 139- beautiful chapter about God’s  presence with us and intentional hand in our creation
  • Matthew 5:3-12- Beginning lines of the Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes)
Of course there are so many more! Memorizing Proverbs is very useful and practical for little ones. Or just pick one of your favorite passages, something that encourages you, and do that!
After the last post, Alicia commented, If you get a chance, I’d love some pointers on how you initially teach this for 2-3 year olds. Is there much more you would do after you read 
it, or does it primarily get memorized in the repetition throughout the week?”

Good question as I was a bit vague about the actual teaching part. If I were introducing the verse, the conversation would probably be something like this:

1. First, read the verse out loud, fairly slow, and let the kids listen. If there are any words they may not have heard before, let them practice saying those words after you.

2. Next, go line by line and ask them to repeat after you. “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” Kids repeat. “..for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Kids repeat. Do that a few times. 

3. Then say longer parts and let them continue repeating until you say the whole verse and they repeat it.

4. Then say the whole verse together a few times, or let them try it on their own if they look eager.

I know it sounds extremely repetitious, and it is. But you can kind of get a feel for when your kids are ready to say more. Also, if you are going to use gestures or hand signals, then teach those phrase by phrase as they repeat after you. 

Again- this isn’t THE way to do it, just what it might look like to introduce a verse to a younger child.

Hope that’s helpful. if anyone else has ideas for passages to memorize, please comment!   

4 thoughts on “Bible memory, part 2”

  1. Thanks for your list! I tend to do a lot of character-related verses with our girls, (do everything without complaining or arguing, a gentle answer turns away wrath, etc,) so they are super practical for training when things get rough during the day. But I know it would be beneficial to do more theology basics stuff with them, too! We also tend to do verses that correspond with Steve Green's songs; they pick them up so much faster when set to music. Just got some Seeds Family Worship albums, and we are loving those!!

  2. Just took the time to read your two posts on Bible Memorization and loved them….it WAS so encouraging Becky – thank you for the affirmation to attempt this! Loved the videos…loved the scripture suggestions – good, good post – thanks for sharing.

  3. I thought your passages made a great list! A few months ago, we finished Matthew 6. Our girls really enjoyed the phrase “don't babble like the idolaters” =) and could never say it without laughing. We also like to play a little game where each person in the family says the next word of the passage. It helps aid their memory because they're thinking ahead, and it helps mom and dad too!

    Couldn't agree more with your thoughts on hiding His word in the hearts of our little ones! May the Lord bless those seeds in their hearts! =)

  4. Thank you very much for this inspiring article! Currently, my kids want me to memorize Scripture with them every night because they enjoy practicing and observing their progress on my smartphone. We use the Android memorization app ‘Remember Me’. It's free. See for more information.

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