bathtime with spanky and alfalfa

I’ve been trying to have a better sense of humor lately when it comes to ending the day. Some days, I am just running out of steam and the post-dinner routine has me irritable and in no laughing mood. But my little men have had some very funny bath time shenanigans lately and that has helped to lighten my mood. Here are just a few…

Drew has decided that Isaac is old enough for swimming lessons, so Drew began teaching him the basics. The first night was a lesson in “blowing bubbles” in the water, a skill that Isaac truly took to heart. He LOVES to put his face in the water and make lots of bubbles. The only catch is that he finds it so hysterical, he often takes a big breath while still in the water which results in a gulp down the nose. This tendency has lead to several baths being cut short to Isaac spontaneously vomiting his dinner due to excess water. Lovely, I know. (Drew has moved on to teaching kicking and paddling. The lessons are going so well, I think Isaac may be floating with a noodle by spring.)
On a side note, the vomiting has created a different bath time ritual- the trained response of both boys to stand promptly when mom yells, “Bath time over! Everybody up!”
Another bath time delight is Isaac’s love for loading and unloading the tub. As the water runs, he races and giggles to empty the storage bin in the hall of each toy, one by one, into the tub. And then after he is in the tub, he races to empty them all on to the bathroom floor. Admittedly, it’s funny but messy. Working on breaking that one…

After last night’s bath, Isaac was laying so sweetly and smiling at me. I asked him if he wanted to help me put on his lotion which he happily replied, “Yeah!” (his favorite word). I gave him a good little pump on his palm, then he promptly licked it all off in one taste. Ew.
And, my favorite of all, there is Drew’s post-bath joke. A few weeks ago he had a chicken pox-like rash that just turned out to be a bunch of benign spots. They are slowly disappearing but it has taken almost a month. Anyways, as he puts on his pajamas, Drew says, “Mom, you know why the spots on my chest aren’t going away?”
“Why?” I ask.
“Because they’re my nibbles!” (he means nipples, but he always says it that way and it is hilarious to me. I have to get it on video because the delivery of the joke is really genius. I know- eventually I will need to correct his pronunciation of the word, but I’ll give it awhile)
So anyways, that’s the latenight fun in our little home. Their giggles and schemes are keeping me laughing, and mopping up a lot of bath water. =)

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  1. I loved your story. Laughed out loud multiple times! By the way Drew knows almost every single answer in preschool! Garrett said he’d help him work on raising his hand in preschool after I mentioned he answered seriously all my questions. You guys must really work with him a lot, I’m sure you are quite proud.

  2. So hysterical! Thanks for sharing. Emma used to come in and throw plastic toys in the shower so I could have something to play with. Has that one happened to you yet? T

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