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It’s been a fabulous birthday- and thanks to everyone who celebrated with us! I have lots of fun pictures and stories to come. The day was full of so much great hang time- lunch with my family, a surprise party from friends, nap with husband, quality time with the kiddos, and then a good night at community. Now Garrett and I are just chatting…and the baby name question is always on the fringe of those conversations. So I think we have decided…to wait until we see her to decide! =)

But what do you think about the importance of the meaning of names? Take the poll on the side bar or post a comment. Just curious…

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  1. I just wanted to put a shout out to Matthew Smith- because of my talk with him we are feeling ok about waiting to see the baby. I hope when you see your baby, Matthew, you feel inspired!Is it me- or does it seem like girl names are harder to choose than boys?– garrett

  2. All I can say is Sabrina’s name means “Celtic Princess” and there’s nothing Celtic about her! She is, however, a princess :o)

  3. Oh man… I meant to get on here yesterday and wish you a happy birthday. It looks like you had one even without my well wishes! 🙂I really believe in meanings! Lucy means bearer of light… and that she is! I don’t think it probably determines too much about a person (although Nicole means victorious and I must say I am almost always… hehehe just a little joke!); however, knowing the meaning of Lucy allowed me to pray some pretty specific things for her and that was and continues to be a real blessing.Love you guys!

  4. I think what you name your kid is not nearly important as how you raise him. Many parents choose names based on who they want to see their child become, but the work is not in the naming but the raising. I like a good solid biblical name…Kelly, Jesse, Lisa!One day becky could be the one saying “Its okay Jesse, don’t cry, well make it through this!”If anybody reads this and don’t know what I am talking about, it is a sad day for you!Josh

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