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Here’s your common sense Coronavirus pep talk

It’s March 14, 2020. Instead of a Facebook feed full of pi jokes and memes, we’re all wading through the vast amounts of information regarding the Coronavirus. As of this moment, there are 2,946 confirmed cases in the United States, and 153,511 confirmed cases in the entire world (stats found on the live Coronavirus tracker via Johns Hopkins). As if the aggressive spread of a relatively new and unknown virus isn’t enough, there are realities…

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january lessons

Hey there, reader. Here’s a few things that have been on my mind lately. I loved the baby phase. I loved newborns and baby smiles and morning snuggles. But you guys- this big kid life is pretty sweet. It snows and they shovel. Their laundry baskets fill up and they handle it. They feel hungry and they make themselves a snack. Of course they still need me- to mediate fights and to nod as they…

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Starting another semester

I spent the morning with a group of homeschool moms and was reminded of how much we share: the weight, the thrill, the worries, the hope, the ever present fear. It’s beautiful and terrifying to steward your child’s education, and it’s one of my favorite things to think and write about. In light of starting a new semester, I thought I’d share on the blog a post I wrote on social media for the beginning…

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Hits & Misses {fall edition}

Hey, folks. It’s late mid-October, that time of year in Omaha where the weather teases you into thinking you might be able to dress comfortably but then scorches or freezes you to remind you that you can’t. You might need a coat. Or shorts. Or a scarf and mittens. Take your pick. I thought I’d make a list of things that have been particularly awesome (the hits) and things that are not (the misses.) Here…

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thoughts on filling your plate

Last spring my husband and I were talking about a job opportunity that had come my way. It wouldn’t require me to be away from the kids or change our own family schedule all that much, but still, it was more responsibility. More to juggle. More. Garrett asked the question, “If you add this, what would you take off your plate?” I blinked at him in confusion. And then he said something he’s said on…

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