at the cabin

First family pic of us five! Self-timer at it’s best.
Kiddos loves the cabin decor. I wish I could explain to you how HUGE this thing was…seriously. Shortly after we got there, Drew and I were chatting and had the following conversation.
Me: What should we name him? (pointing to the elk on the wall)
Drew: Bully.
Me: Because a boy elk is called a bull?
Drew:No, because if he played soccer, his antlers would stop the ball and make him a good boalie.
Wild I

Dinner on the patio

Daddy and I-man

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  1. Great pictures! In the one you took of dinner on the porch it looks like a mountain of hot dogs you guys are about to go through!

  2. It IS a lot of hotdogs…actually Isaac set a new personal record of hotdogs consumed at one meal. He outate Garrett, throwing down FOUR hotdogs- plus watermelon and baked beans!!!

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