Around our house

Poor I-man is sick. He’s moaning in his sleep. His nose is running non-stop. His cough rattles. His ears ache. His breathing is raspy.

Sunday night we went to the ER and found out that he has RSV (don’t know what that stands for but it is the virus that causes Bronchiotis..I think…not that I really know what that is either.) Since then, Garrett and I have both tested positive for NSD (nightly sleep deprivation). Hoping all of these acronym ailments will go away soon.

In other news, I am starting a different blog aimed more at writing. I’ll continue to post family updates and stories here, but will try to really write more for writing sake on the other page. It is edgeofthesuburbs.blogspot.com.

Recently took this family pic and I just love it-

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