Around our house

Now that summer is here, our house is a constant buzz of activity including board games, Taco Bell runs, and lots of company. If you wandered through right now, here are some of the things you would see.

For Father’s Day, we gave Garrett a smoker, referred to as “Daddy’s new big ‘moker“! In the first 48 hours, we smoked two large whole chickens, two lbs of steak, 10 lbs of riblets, and 5 lbs of chicken breasts! Garrett is known to just sit inside the kitchen door and watch it smoke…it is taking our dining enjoyment to a whole new level.

Russell and Drew hanging out in the kitchen, telling secrets. =) Russell will be heading to college in just a few short months so we are trying to enjoy every last minute!

Here’s a few new faces that you would probably see if you were around. On the left is Dani and Dan. Dan is volunteering with us for the summer as a help around the house; so he is around from Wednesday through the weekends. (We refer to him as the “Double A”- the Assistant Assistant.) The bonus is that we get to see Dani, too! Also pictured is our assistant, Zach, and his girlfriend, Deb. It has been so cool to build more of a community feel here and I am enjoying having a few ladies around! Around here, more girls means less strategy games and more chatting, which is a good thing.

Our smiling little Drew. His latest hobby is telling ‘knock knock’ jokes.

Flowers Garrett gave me for…no reason
Well, that’s a snapshot of life here. I’d write more but we are heading out for a Taco Bell run…seriously. Hope your summer is as full and fun as ours.

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