and I learned it at Walmart

Lately we’ve been having some action-packed grocery trips. Grocery shopping for our household of 9 is no small task and equates to about 2 hours and $180 each week. It seems the last few weeks that I’ve been tackling the task with kiddos in tow. Nothing like a creative preschooler and a shopping-cart-hating toddler to make your shopping…interesting. But here’s what I’m learning.

Pringle cans can stack four high- even in a moving shopping cart.

Seatbelts are obsolete…I mean, seriously. Isaac can stand up even with the tightest restraint around his abdomen.

Put produce in the back of the cart so you avoid your children snacking on it.

The lobster tank is your ace in the hole- save it for when meltdown is pending. If you park your cart right, you can see the tank from the whole produce section. So they can ooh and aah while you select avocadoes in peace…sort of.

The carts with the double seat in the front are awesome but it is like trying to manuever a station wagon through the aisles. And I find myself saying things like “Stop biting your brother” or “Don’t suck on his shoulder” frequently. Also- beware of prartners in crime who will unbuckle each other’s seatbelts.

Another piece of advice- wear make-up or celebrity sunglasses. Then people won’t notice you blush as deeply when your son loudly asks, “Mom- will the baby use a bottle or will she drink out of your udders?” Sheesh.

It’s loud. It’s hectic. I usually forget at least one key ingredient because I am detangling someone. But I do spend less money because I never browse the ‘ol kitchen section like I used to. =)

I had the thought yesterday while we were navigating Walmart that I am so lucky. I looked at these two happy boys, poking each other and trying to grab things off the shelf, and I was suddenly so grateful that they were with me. So many moms are off in the world, needing or wanting to work. But I get to have my crowd right next to me. And though it complicates life, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I refuse to count that as a burden…even in Walmart.

So next time you’re loading groceries and the bag snaps, showering you and your crew with a fountain of milk (happened to us at the end of a disastrous grocery run last week) just laugh and shake your head. Know that you are blessed and loved and they won’t be around forever. And it’s pointless to cry over spilled milk.

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  1. Okay I completely burst out laughing when I read the comment about the udders… man that kid is HILARIOUS! I do SO MUCH wish we lived closer and I could spend time with him!!! Both of them! And you two as well!!!

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