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Funny thing about parenthood- you just blink and suddenly your newborn is a toddler, your toddler is a preschooler, and your preschooler is a full-fledged kid. That’s how I feel about the stages of my kids.  Isaac in particular has grown and developed so much over the last year.  A year ago he was a tantrum man, prone to kicking on the floor, screaming in the store, and totally unreasonable in his moods. But now, oh now, he is our sweet Isaac.

I often describe Isaac as living life in HD. Whatever he does, he throws himself into it with such force and gusto that the result is often comical, sometimes dangerous, but never boring. When he is excited- he screams in delight.  When he is disappointed, he rages in frustration.  When he is happy, he kisses his siblings, throws his arms around me to hug my knees, and chatters happily to himself.

Here are a few of his mannerisms that I simply adore…

  • He loves babies.  He is always kissing/hugging Ella.  He will sometimes wake her in the morning because he is so excited to see her that he just couldn’t wait any longer. When with his cousins or little friends, he will kiss them during play.
  • When he likes the taste of something, he says, “Deeee-licous!”
  • He likes to read books, particularly all things to do with trains or construction trucks.
  • He crawls in bed and says, “Mama, help me get my snuggle on!”
  • He has a Tigger blankie that he adores- and it always stinks no matter how often I wash it.
  • Favorite foods include hot dogs, pickles, cupcakes, and fruit.
  • He knows his letters and numbers.
  • He likes to sing in the car.
  • His best friend is his big brother, Drewsy.

And today he is three.

His full name is Isaac Dale, named after the Isaac of the Bible and Stanley Albert Dale, a missionary whose work in Irian Jaya is recounted in the book, Lords of the Earth. Garrett and I read that book together and were so moved by the passion, conviction, and glaring humanity of the main character.  Dale was far from perfect, with an abrasive personality and a determination that did not always consider the feelings or good will of those around him.  But these particular attributes God used in unique ways to spread the gospel and further his kingdom.
And now that we know our little Isaac we find it a fitting namesake.  Determination is perhaps the unique quality that was evident so early and has remained.  We hope and pray that our little Isaac will grow up to follow Jesus and change the world.
Happy Birthday, I-man!

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  1. I have tears running down my face reading this because I remember snuggling with him under our tree when he was seven weeks old. Love you all so much… really… seriously… love you!

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