all the rage

When you’re a teeny bopper, I imagine that phone conversations might go like this:

Girl 1: Are you going to the opening of Eclipse????? It’s tomorrow! I’m so excited I can barely text!!!! OMG! 

Girl 2: Can I go with you? I’m freaking out! I am so excited I don’t even know what to wear. LOL!

Or maybe not.  Still I had a similar feeling when my good friend and I had a conversation like this…

Mom 1: You know what tomorrow is…big ALDI opening!

Mom 2: Woooo-hoooo!  Are we going to the opening party together?

Mom:1: Heck, yeah! (followed by long conversation trying to hammer out details of when to go between homeschool and baby naps)

That’s right, we have a new ALDI right down the road. 1.7 miles, to be exact.  I’m stoked.  I’m hyped.  I haven’t been so excited since I discovered the drive thru window at the DMV.  Come to think of it, I think I am actually more excited about the ALDI. 

So we went yesterday to the big grand opening.  There were lots of ALDI big wigs around, wearing suits and acting so friendly that it doesn’t feel extremely genuine.  Something about the scene kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but I guess they were just trying to make people feel welcome (they had already sent out coupons which was speaking my love language, so the rest was really unnecessary) But still we came, we saw, we ALDI-ed. 

Here are some pics of the big event:

The dual carts after checkout.  My kids were very excited that we got to grocery shop with Baby Kai (who is pretty much my favorite baby, said Drew, but had to quickly recant when Isaac reminded him of his cousins)

Oh, Isaac.  You have to do your own thing and I am just learning to be OK with that. 
Kai-man, looking pretty pleased about the new store

And there you have it.  Future grocery savings to come.  I heard one of the big wigs tell a woman that he had been shopping at ALDI for 20 years, and in that time he had paid off 2 houses with the savings.  I kind of wanted to call bull-crap on that (a saying of my hubby’s) but I was too busy wrangling kids to think of an intelligent yet kind way to phrase it. Ah, well. 

Cheers to you, my new ALDI.  I won’t grumble while I bag all my groceries if you don’t resent that my kids will attempt to find hiding places in your paper goods.  There….I think we have an understanding.

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  1. LOL! The funniest part for me was the “I wanted to pull a bull-crap on that” HA! I covet your close proximity to this fancy new Aldi. May you enjoy many sane (one can hope?) and saving shopping experiences there! Funny post:)

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