a pictureless update

So once again the camera cord is MIA…AWOL..not to be found anywhere. I’ve been waiting for it to pop up so I could post some of the latest and greatest shots, but I guess for now words will have to suffice. Here’s what my little bunch is up to…

At almost 5 months, Ella is busy smiling and growing. She scoots around the floor on her tummy, loves to stand in her bouncer, and is altogether charming. I feel like there isn’t much else to say. I’d say she is still securely holding the title of Best Baby Ever, with three long naps and a twelve hour sleep at night. =)

Oh, my little I-man, where do I start? Isaac is talking now ALL the time. He wakes me in the morning with his screechy, “MAMA! I want waffles and watch TV!” (his two favorite things) We went through a few rocky weeks where the tantrums were intense and frequent, the whole thing climaxing with a grocery store meltdown where he actually head-butted me. Sheesh. Thankfully, he is so much more easygoing now that he can articulate himself and is starting to reason things out. He loves choo-choo trains, cookies, and his big brother. He’s also taken a new interest in coloring and play-doh.

He loves to ride anything. When he sees a bus, tow truck, tractor- he immediately asks, “I wanna ride?” Whenever I lay on the floor, he hops on my back for a ride. Last week Ella was chilling on a blanket and Isaac ran over to her, put his hand on her back, and asked, “I ride?”

Drew has become such a help over these last few months, getting things for the baby, playing with Isaac, carrying groceries, clearing the table….I could keep going. He is very into science and math, particularly loves to make charts and do his workbooks, and still a little reader. It’s amazing to watch his little mind grow and begin to process a whole new level of understanding.

Here’s a few of the latest quotes…

Drew: When I grow up I am going to marry Isaac.
Me: Boys have to marry girls.
Drew: Oh,then I’ll marry Ella!
Me: With daddy gone, you are going to be my right hand man, my special helper.
Drew: Actually I’d like you to call me “Second Boss”.
While driving in the car, Drew mused, “I just love my little sister, Ella Grenade.” (that would be Renee…)
With Isaac talking more, he has started to name dinosaurs. One day I-man correctly identified a triceratops. I turned to Drew excitedly, but Drew responded, “I just can’t get him to say T-rex!”
The math mind at work…”Hey mom! In six more birthdays I will be ten!”
That’s the latest from us. Need to get cleaning and finishing dinner. Over and out-

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  1. I'm am quite confident that Isaac and Jonah would be FAST friends. Your posts about Isaac always remind me of Jonah. And I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that endures physical abuse from my 2 year old.

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