a picture post

So I’m pouring dr. pepper…did you really think I would resist? Here are some lovely pictures that really describe the last month around here. 

My sweet kids. The Three Amigos.  Partners in crime.  Best of friends. As I was taking this picture, Drew was trying to kiss Ella as she was attempting to sneak up the steps.  

More of the same

On a different day, Isaac and Ella sat on the stairs again.  This picture reaffirms what people have been saying lately- they are almost the same size.  Recent dr. appointments had them 5 lbs. different in weight. But she is less than five inches behind in height! It’s funny though how she still has the baby look and he is quite the little boy. (It’s also funny to me that she was the smallest baby of my three but is the largest at age 1! You go, girl)

Snuggle bugs

One day I baked a big chocolate chip cookie and let Drew decorate it any way he pleased.  The results were…creative…and tasty.
Fun with dry ice!  We got a package in the mail, and the dry ice fun began.  The kids were fascinated and a little hesitant, but then had a blast just watching the mist, blowing on it, sticking their hands in, etc.  When Garrett would lean forward to blow, Ella would kiss him! Something so sweet about a spontaneous kiss from a child. 
This is Ella’s baby, who also happens to be the Curious George she swiped from Isaac.  Several weeks ago she added a diaper, and now he wears a onesie!  As you can see below, the next step is accessorizing!

Isaac was fixing a special snack for friends coming over.  I found him with an open peanut butter jar, bag of powdered sugar, and bowl.  Not sure what the plan was…

That’s life around here.

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