a not-so-quick story

I just finished mopping the kitchen floor. I wish I could say that I always do that on Thursday afternoons, but that’s not even sort of true.

Side note: Today I’m mopping because Drew, the “super helper” we call him, dusted this morning. And after exhausting all the options of coffee table, TV cabinet, end tables, and wood trim, he decided to dust the kitchen floor. At first it was funny that we all kept falling down, but once Isaac took his third “heels over head” fall, I decided we should maybe try to clean some of that endust layer off before our pregnant friend returns home this afternoon.

Two year old falling = funny.

Pregnant lady falling = not so funny.

As I was washing the floor, I noticed a lot of hair…my hair…on the kitchen floor.

Side note #2: Those of you who have had babies- have you noticed that your hair starts to fall out like 12 weeks postpartum? I was freaked out when this happened with Drew and called the nurse. She responded, as they do to everything, that this was a totally normal symptom and could be attributed to my shifting hormones. Seriously, you could call up and say “I had a baby 5 weeks ago. When I went to bed, my toenails werepainted red. This morning they are blue!” and the nurse would reply, “That’s totally normal and can be attributed to the shifting hormones…”

So my conclusion is that these crazy kids of mine have me pulling my hair out. =)

And now a few potty jokes:

Drew: (in the bathtub): Hey Mom! You want to know what is so great about Reid and Shelly’s house? The toilet is so close to the bathtub, you don’t even have to get out to use it!
Drew: (calling from the bathroom) Mom! Come here!
Me: (racing in) What??? (Drew was actually waiting for me with his pants down, rear towards the door. I try not to laughed- because it was pretty funny. But then suddenly I had this mental picture of my four year old mooning people at Wal-mart …McDonalds…the pediatrician. So I said) You may only do that to me and your dad.
Drew: (excited) I can do it to dad???
Drew: (yelling from the bathroom as he looks in the toilet) Mom! Looks like someone left a little treasure in here!

That’s the latest and greatest. I would like to close with a little encouragement to all you blog-readers out there- COMMENT!!!!

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  1. drew stories always make me laugh! 🙂 and i like the new blog lay-out, very classy! i also related to your “weighty” post earlier this week…totally right there with you.

  2. Totally hilarious. Your kids crack me up. And… I HATE the hair everywhere after a baby… Kinda gross. Mine is just slowing down now after 5.5 months!

  3. How would he know that you don't have to get out of the bathtub to use the toilet unless he already used it that way? That picture still has me chuckling to myself. T

  4. Great stories, Becky! I hope you are writing these down somewhere or having your blog printed regularly so that you can reread all of these when they are all married with kids of their own. =) What a fun life!

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