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Yes, that is Isaac in the lion costume. The costume box was found among the unopened boxes and there was great rejoicing.

Made this hot and sour soup for dinner last week- yum. I would recommend the recipe, but it’s hard to know if it’s really good or if being carbless, fruitless, and chocolateless has distorted the taste buds.

Thanks to the Ponderosa cousins who sent Ells the rockin’ headbands. Garrett thinks they are adorable. Drew thinks she looks like she’s going to work out. I think she looks like a rock star from the 80’s. But it’s pretty much agreed that they are here to stay. And they are so loose and comfortable that she’ll wear it for hours. So fun.

Chasing I-man in the yard

Drew’s dragon costume (I can neither confirm or deny that he wore this costume for three days straight, including trips to grandma’s, the grocery store, and for Ella’s birthday party)

The space behind the love seat has become the “club house” on rainy days. It’s a little tight, especially when you’re Ella and everybody always wants to squeeze you!

Sweet and ornery I-man. Drew and Isaac like to do this little comedy routine where Drew yells at Isaac, “Come back here, kid!” and Isaac responds, “I’m not a kid any more!” It’s a quote from Lion King 1.5 and it totally cracks me up!

The original club house founders (Drew wanted to make a sign that said, “Drew, Isaac, and Ella’s Club House: Visitors and Intruders Welcome” )

Breakfast fun
Been busy lately with the comings and goings of spring. Garrett was gone for the weekend on a camp out with the teens, Ella turned one, we found the long lost costume box, evenings in the yard, blogged my 200th post, hung more pictures, flipped the living and dining room, lost 11 pounds on the south beach diet, and I mailed the manuscript of my first book to a publisher. (Um…OK, one of those things did not actually happen, but Mondays are good days to dream, don’t you think?)

I feel kind of boring…like I should just fill the rest of this post with pictures because I don’t know what to say. I’m planning a baby shower for my sweet sis who is expecting a girl this August (due on 8-9-10- how cool is that?) Book Club meets this weekend to discuss The Giver by Lois Lowry. I clean my big house tomorrow- five hours of non-stop shinin’. Oh yeah.

I’ve been in the mood to hang curtains lately. But nothing takes you out of the mood to hang curtains quite as fast as seeing the price of curtains- I mean, really? $18 a panel? Sheesh.

(awkward silence)

So anyways…uh…hope you liked the pictures. Have some turkey burgers on the menu for the evening, which brings me to an important question: if you could eat any food for dinner tonight, what would it be?
If you answered fish ‘n’ chips, then you pretty much rock.
Happy Monday.

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