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I know…I know…the posts have been a bit sporadic lately. Things haven’t really been all that crazy; at this point I just feel like free time should be spent showering or chiseling away at the laundry. So I haven’t sat down to blog much. But here are some pictures of the last two weeks!

Drew and Ella just being silly. Ella is four weeks old today. At her check-up this week she weighed 10 lbs. 13 oz- a whole two pounds over her birth weight. I have told her that her job is to be happy and gain weight and she seems to be taking this very seriously. She is remarkably obedient for such a little one…or she’s just really hungry!

Drew is still a big fan of Ella. At the park last week, I heard him introduce a new friend to his sister, “This is my baby sister. How cute is she?”

Photo taken by DrewJust in case you didn’t know, yesterday was National Donut Day. It was celebrated appropriately with Donut Professor fare. If you happened to miss this important holiday, we could celebrate it again Monday…? We’ll call it National Donut Day Observed.
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Drew started a summer soccer camp that will be one evening a week through the month of July. It was a big night for us, I mean Drew, as his first night of organized sports. Garrett was nervous. I was anxious. Isaac was everywhere. Ella slept. All in all- it went well. Above is Drew in his uniform. And here he is about 5 minutes later, just taking a little rest.
Isaac, on the other hand, rested not. He was in paradise with all the kids and balls flying around. He was just a little upset that people kept shooing him off the field and that apparently spectators don’t get snacks at the end.

I-man watching the action and rocking a new summer haircut.

Drew “stretching” with his team, the Fireflies

We went to a Memorial Day picnic with my mom’s side of the family. Here Ella is being held by her great grandma Fass (When he was little, Drew called her “Fass Grandma Great”. It was so cute). They seemed to hit it off well.

A few weeks back, Drew’s hair was becoming noticeably shaggy. Words like “mullet”, “mohawk” and “rat tail” began to surface. Garrett and Drew both agreed that a mohawk would be by far the coolest of the three (and I guess I have to agree) so for a week Drew was rocking a mohawk. It was an interesting experience.

It was certainly a bonding experience for dad and Drew. Kind of a high maintenance look though.

And the green gel really sets it off- don’t you think?

(Now for a random side note but favorite soap box of mine) It was funny to me how much I had changed since a similar situation a few years back. When Drew was young (maybe 18 months-ish) Garrett was giving him a haircut and stumbled on the perfect mullet in the process. He thought it was hysterical; I thought it was atrocious. I could not be persuaded by any form of bribery to leave the mullet for a few days (anticipating the arrival of Uncle ‘Hoon- who is a mullet connoisseur). I was so embarrassed by the idea of having Drew look like that, and appalled that Garrett would even suggest it.

Fast forward a few years, and the mullet talk surfaced again. I just shrugged and asked for a time limit, maybe one week of mullet. I mean in the big picture really- who cares? If my husband wants our preschooler to wear a mohawk for a week- who really cares? What will it affect? A few weird looks, a couple stares at Wal-mart…you just get over it.
I guess the lesson it reminded me of was not to take myself or my family so seriously. Not that parenting isn’t serious work, but it doesn’t need to be done without humor or flexibility. And if the ‘hawk is a bonding moment for my hubby and son, great! (This tangent is subtly related to another of my favorite and even more passionate soap boxes, which I call “You married a good man so shut up and let him be a man!” I actually find myself giving this speech quite often. I’ll write on that one for you soon.)

And to finish it off, here’s a few random bath time photos.

That’s the latest from us. I think we are adjusting to this new life of five quite nicely. On Tuesday I will be off my lifting restriction and able to pick up Isaac, which will be so nice. I am healing up pretty well, a few sore spots here and there but mostly good. The main symptom I’m experiencing is sleepiness…but that will hang around a few more weeks, I expect.

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  1. Hey, Becky! I'm so glad to stumble across your blog. I've enjoyed reading it. But I wanted to say, I really like your soapbox: “You married a good man so shut up and let him be a man” (or something like that). I've married an amazing man, and I have to admit, he does some weird things being a man. But, I love him, and when he gets a little weird, I just laugh and enjoy him!

    Stacey (Rexer) Kemper

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