a jedi-esque farewell

On any remodel, there is always that final, crucial step of choosing paint. It’s a big decision, particularly when you are (a) going to be in that house for 90% of your time and (b) just happen to love every color you see. (and c- have a husband who, in his own words, “Don’t mind painting…just hate re-painting.”) Needless to say…it’s been a journey.

But how do you know when it’s out of control? When you go to pull out wipes from the diaper bag and find a stash of swatches. Or maybe when your purse is full of random counter samples. Or possibly when you find yourself laying in bed thinking about the pros and cons of a chardonnay green kitchen.

Or just maybe it’s when your husband is dropping you off at a random hardware store (that you read online carries Pottery Barn colors), planning to circle with a car full of kids, and says to you, “Go now. May you have speed and self-control.” =)

Gotta love that guy.

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