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This may promise to be the post that never ends. I’m sitting in the living room, waiting for the boys to settle before I set myself to this evening’s post-bedtime tasks. Still laughing a little from the way that Isaac so nonchalantly strips down to his diaper as soon as he plops himself into the crib. I can hear the crib squeaking as he bounces…the bedtime songs floating back and forth. I love that my boys enjoy each other. I just wish they wouldn’t enjoy each other quite so much when they should be sleeping.

Where to begin in this mixed up story known as daily life! Drew will turn five on Friday. My little man, my first baby, is an almost-five year old that comes up to my elbow and uses words like nocturnal, technology, and negotiate. It’s funny how your firstborn has a special place, for they were the one that introduced you to this season called motherhood, a season that is somehow both the crucible of your soul and the icing on the cake. He is truly a delight, an amazing help with the little ones, and has a bright mind that craves knowledge like I crave peanut butter cups. When he grows up, he wants to be an explorer. He is constantly talking about the robot that he and his dad are planning to build when we get to the new house. And he wants his room painted tree frog green (an actual Lowe’s color- but this is still in negotiations). He also has a set of stars and planets to hang on the ceiling- which he will use to “Teach Isaac about con-sellations.” He loves compasses, play dates, and crafts.
Recently we had a conversation about the song, “The B-I-B-L-E”. I was telling Drew that I don’t like how the song says, “I stand alone on the word of God” because we don’t stand alone, we stand with the rest of the body of Christ. Drew commented that when he sang it, he thought it meant more like when you are standing before God alone in prayer- like how Moses and Joshua went away to be alone with God. Made sense to me.

Today he was standing in the van when it was moving slowly, struck a surfing position, and yelled, “Look at me, Isaac! I’m surfing the web!” I thought that was funny.

Last week I had on a pink shirt and he told me, “Mom, you’re so early 90’s.” Sheesh.

In other news, Ella had an allergic reaction to grapes. Kind of random, don’t you think? Besides pooping her guts out for a day, she broke out on her face and then proceeded to scratch all the little bumps. So now she looks like she got in a fight with a mean cat (of course the picture doesn’t really do it justice). The whole thing hasn’t really bothered her too much but she looks a little pathetic. She’s a busy little lady these days and is beginning to hint at standing. Ella has a very decisive cry, like you feel more like she’s bossing you around than crying for help. Seriously…it’s almost mean sounding. She’s still very sweet, but her temper is full of disapproving vibes. This seems like a bad sign at 8 months.

In other other news, I am cleaning houses part-time. I know, I know, any of you who waded through my dorm room would not believe that this is even remotely possible but, alas, it is true. I’ve been cleaning weekly since about August and recently took on my own houses due to my partner/boss being on maternity leave. It’s very strange to suddenly have opinions about Libman cleaning products and Windex (things I dig) or stainless steel and laminate flooring (things I loathe). But above all I believe that the real enemy of clean houses is pet hair. If you have a pet, euthanize it (just kidding- I was just checking to see if anyone was still reading.) Once you have spent significant time vacuuming drapes, pool tables, headboards, lamp shades, etc. for pet hair- you will feel as I do that the only good pets are those that live outside, do not shed, or can work the vacuum cleaner themselves.

Here are a few cleaning tips I’ve picked up that I will pass on-
  • When cleaning hard floors- sweep, VACUUM, and then mop. It sounds nuts but the vacuum will pick up a layer of dust that the broom just can’t. Suddenly you will be able to use the same bucket of mop water for multiple rooms because the floor is significantly cleaner after you vacuum. It takes a while to get used to vacuuming your bathroom, but it works. Trust me, I’m a professional…sort of.
  • After you clean the bathroom mirror with Windex (everything else is but a poor imitation), use that damp paper towel to wipe down all the chrome (faucets, towel racks,TP holder). Your bathroom will sing.
  • Stainless steel will not get clean unless you buy stainless steel cleaner. It’s just reality.
  • The secret to getting clean tile and counter tops is to dry it after you scrub it. So have a clean, dry hand towel with you and immediately dry everything.
  • If you have a pet that sheds, shave it and buy it clothing. (Kidding again…mostly)

Ok…only two posts left in this ‘blog everything at once’ post. You doing ok? Maybe take a break and get a dr. pepper…no, really, please do.

I recently helped to start a book club. For our first month we read “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortensen, a memoir about a man who has founded over 50 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This month we are reading “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold. It’s extremely well-written…not sure exactly what I think yet. It has a way of kind of getting under your skin and making you lay in bed at night and wonder if your neighbor might be a serial killer. Certainly creepy (anyone seen the movie?) but possibly redemptive. I’m still working through that.

And last but not least, the new old house is looking tres fabulous. Kitchen and baths are almost finished. Garrett is working to patch the walls and prep for painting- hopefully to come in the near future. Here are some pictures- first of the kitchen when we bought the house:and then six weeks ago…

and as it looked tonight! Yahoo!!!

And here is a look at the wall that was the bathroom and future laundry room/pantry…

and now the new, beautiful pantry. Seriously, it looks fabulous.

(that color is Dill by Eddie Bauer…just in case anyone was suddenly gripped by the thought, “I have got to paint something in my house that color.” What’s that? You don’t think that at least once a day? Weird.)

It is amazing how it is all coming together- just amazing. We can’t say enough good things about our contractors from Transformations, Inc. Such great work and a moving day not too far away!
Sorry I got a little overkill on the whole “…” effect. It’s definitely redundant. And yes, I have noticed that my verb tenses are a bit sloppy in this post. If I wrote a book I would have to work on cutting down on that. I have an idea for a book…but that is a post for another day.
Good night, blogging world.

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  1. That kitchen looks fabulous. And I can't believe Drew is about to be 5. Seems like just yesterday none of us knew exactly what to do with a baby in our midst. Miss you guys! – Tori

  2. Funny about the B-I-B-L-E song. I always thought it meant, “I will only stand on the Word of God,” as in It only is my foundation. Interesting how different people look at it.

    P.S. I LOVE the Weathertop Blue. Fantastic. If we ever get a house, I will paint it that before we go to “denuded neutral” for renters.

  3. We are all just happy to see Miss Becky up and running with her updates … “sloppy verb tenses,” “creepy serial killers,” and “all.” Just glad to hear your heart 🙂 Great pics and Happy Birthday to the smallest kid with the biggest vocabulary I know.
    -Lovely Bones Initiator and Mrs. Transformations, Inc.

  4. I'm so jealous of your beautiful kitchen!!!!! Wow. I love your color choices. And by the way…I think your youngest two would get along fabulously with our two. They remind me a bit of each other…

  5. I almost cried when I read that Drew is five.

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE your kitchen. I mean, LOVE it! I need to see it in person.

    Please give each of your children a HUGE squeeze from me, and two tiny squeezes which are from Lucy and Ellyott.

    We miss you all.

  6. Hi Becky…Great to see a new post! I absolutely LOVE your kitchen. (= How fun! Also, the pantry looks great!

    About hard wood and other bare floors…I always vacuum first (quicker and easier than sweeping, but does the same thing) then dry swifter it (gets up more dust than just the vacuum), then mop it. You have to keep dry swifter cloths on hand (available in bulk at Costco & maybe Sam's Club), but for me it is worth the benefits of the process. (=

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Happy Birthday to Drew!

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