a day of prayer (also titled “7 reasons I need a drink- dr. pepper, of course”)

1. Isaac woke at 5:30. Drew at 5:45. By 8:00, we had eaten breakfast, had room time, been grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, and returned home for morning naps. Prayed for energy.

2. Emotional meltdown (for me) from 8:30-9:30. Prayed for stability.

3. Went to lunch and play date at the mall. The play area that Isaac usually loves held no appeal, and he spent the hour constantly making a break it. At the end when we were packing up, he DISAPPEARED. Just gone . Nowhere to be seen. After the longest three minutes of my life, he wanders happily out of the bathroom next to the play area. Prayer of panic followed by prayer of thankfulness.

4. Frazzled mother and hyped up kids return to the car to find a flat tire. Nice. Prayed that car would make it to a gas station.

5. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) attack on the way home. Run into the house, Isaac under arm and Drew in tow. Prayed that bowels would not empty before desired.

6. While cooking dinner, I noticed Isaac was happily chewing something. I investigate and find staples. Yes..staples…like the ones you use to staple papers together. Prayed that this child (and mom) will survive toddlerhood.

7. Bath time with kids. Isaac poops, evacuation of plastic animals, boys stand. While refilling the tub, Isaac pulls the shower lever, drenching me as I lean over the tub. Prayed for patience and laughter and perspective.

What a day. What a life. What a good God that is still listening and answering faithfully at the end of each day. Now off to enjoy that dr. pepper…

6 thoughts on “a day of prayer (also titled “7 reasons I need a drink- dr. pepper, of course”)”

  1. oh. my. goodness. can i just say that i am impressed you only had one emotional meltdown??? pretty sure i would have had one every hour on a day like that. 🙂 thanks for the encouragement and words of wisdom, too…really appreciate it!

  2. Becky,What a day! I am glad you are able to laugh! Some days may seem so long, but the years will honestly go by so quickly. You have some precious little guys and you are doing such a good job of training them. Aunt Nancy

  3. Thank goodness for caffeinated drinks when alcohol isn’t an option!! hehe I agree I would have probably had many more meltdowns during that day! ….you WILL survive toddlerhood–with the help of many more Dr. Peppers I’m sure! Love those nephews!

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