A cure for cabin fever

This weather is messing with poor Drew. It’s warm then cold then warm again. And now it is snowing outside. So you just never know that the day will bring.

This afternoon one of our neighbors, Tyler, came over the hang out. He and Drew amused themselves by playing with some scraps of fleece that was lying around from a project I finished up. The game of “Ninjas” actually lasted awhile; basically they took turns binding each other’s arms and legs and dragging them around the living room.

Isaac watched in fascination but there was not enough fleece left for him to have a costume.

One of the projects I was working on was using some fleece scraps to make an extra “snuggly” for Isaac. He has one that he is SO attached to and it became the source of great drama last week when in was in the washing machine during nap time. So I figured it couldn’t hurt to make an extra or two. I put it on his head and then took these pictures- he just sat there looking at me and I was cracking up!

He is so cute I just can’t stand it! Oh my goodness. I know, I know- everyone thinks that about their kids but honestly- look at that little guy. I defy you to produce a picture of a cuter or happier 8 month old! (I almost forgot- happy 8 month, I-man!)

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