a couple laughs and a couple pics

The kiddos have had some good one liners lately that I am anxious to type so they don’t get lost forever in the back of my mind somewhere.

Out to dinner…
Last night we braved the cold weather to douse our cabin fever with a little excursion to Ming’s, a local Chinese restaurant just a few blocks away. The restaurant is a fav of the kids due to the fish tank and the sweet and sour chicken. As soon as we entered, both boys cheerfully called, “Ni hao!” which is Chinese for “hello”. I had forgotten that they have watched the TV show, “Ni hao, Kai Lan“, a show on Nick Jr. about a Chinese girl (sort of Dora the Explorer except in Chinese). They have only watched it a few times, so imagine my surprise when we go to leave and Drew calls out, “Zai jian!” (good bye) Not sure the high school waiters really appreciated his efforts in Chinese =)

The kind of things Drew ponders…
Drew: Mom, are bugs meat?
Me: Uh…I guess so. Why?
Drew: I’m trying to decide if frogs are carnivores.

Reviewing verses
We have been trying to work back into our routine of scripture memory. So tonight we were reviewing the armor of God (Ephesians 6), and Drew was filling in the blanks. He is certainly a bit rusty from our time off, as he listed the “helmet of starvation” as part of the outfit.

And a few Christmas shopping snippets from Drew’s mouth…
“Mom, Christmas costs less at Walmart!”
“Guess what? On family night you can gather round the table or you can gather round the Wii!”
“Mom, I know that I will be thankful for whatever I get on Christmas. I just hope there is a lot to be thankful for!

I could write a whole rant on the challenge of helping kids be thankful in the commercialism of today’s society…maybe I will! But here are some pictures instead.

Garrett works from home quite a bit with his new position. We enjoy seeing him but have to force ourselves to let him work. Isaac is enjoying his snack while daddy keeps doing his thing- which involves a lot of talking on the phone.

This is the perfect bib for Ella as she is quite the piglet. At a whopping 20 pounds, she is quite the hungry 7-month old. I was surprised when the pediatrician gave the go ahead on most table foods, but Ella has been all about it. She chomps on bananas, peaches, rice, but her favorite- chicken! Just wait til she gets teeth…

Hanging out in front of the tree

One of my favorite pictures- Ella and Grandpa Dave. I love the way she is looking at him as though she is listening while simultaneously chewing on his shirt. So fun.

That’s a peek at life around here. Feel like it’s been awhile since I blogged about anything meaty. Maybe after Christmas…or after the renovation…or after the kids grow up…guess we’ll see.

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  1. Hey Becky,
    Your kiddos are so adorable? How old are you kids now? Do you homeschool? Its so good to see you guys!!! It seems like its been forever,really it has been, since Germany. Tell Garrett hi for me.

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