a caffeine-infested post

Feeling a little jittery this afternoon from a cup of real coffee (not the unleaded kind, mind you) this morning. It’s amazing how you lose your caffeine tolerance after years of being pregnant or nursing. So I feel like blogging butFont size am not sure it’s going to be extremely coherent…but then- is it ever?

Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Ladies Book Club. We will be discussing The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (did anyone see the movie?? do tell!) It was an intriguing book that I read the first weekend I picked it up. Unfortunately, all my original thoughts and insights seem a bit dusty since the month has passed. I could just google it and find some sort of book review that will make me seem like a freakin’ genius…(excuse me a moment while I open another window and do a totally unrelated google search…) Looking forward to the evening.

I walked in on a funny scene yesterday morning. The kids (all three now) were in room time together (Ella in the crib and boys on the loose) and having quite a party by the sound of things. Upon opening the door my senses were overwhelmed: I saw Ella dancing at the crib rail, smelled someone’s massively dirty diaper, and heard Drew singing his new rendition of the hit Beyonce song, “All the stink-le ladies! All the stink-le ladies…” It was a fitting soundtrack as she was one stinky lady. =)

Been working on giving the blog a new look. I’m feeling a sense of deja vu. Several years back I grew tired of my dining room color (Shag Green by Sherwin Williams). It was looking worn and I was ready for a change. So I repainted in what I thought would be a lovely deep rose and ended up with a pepto pink. And suddenly I realized I wanted my green walls back. And now when I open my blog page…well, you get the idea. (Sigh)

Isaac (2) said to me this week, “Mama, want to go on a ad-benture?” So sweet.

Have so much more to say but have to go. Here’s a few of the future posts that are still marinading but will be coming soon:

Homeschooled and House-churched: How countercultural do I want my kids to be?

To dye or not to dye: What to do when the silver lining appears in your hair???

New House Pics

I know you’re on the edge of your seats..those are some pretty exciting things ahead. Happy weekend to you all!

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