a birthday wish

Today is Grandpa Ed’s birthday (Garrett’s grandpa on his mom’s side) and what did he ask for? More pictures. So this post is dedicated to the grandpa who knows more about fishing, mushroom hunting, building things, solving problems, pasta, and patio farming than any other grandpa in the world. Drew and his buddy, Rosemarie. These two are quite hilarious together, and I could fill a post or two with quotes from their playdates. I’ll try to do that soon.
This picture and the next two are of the boys’ room. Here you can see the stars on the ceiling…

and the superhero poster and trucks…

and the boys just being boys!

These next few are from a random lunch at Taco Bell. What can I say…I have no idea why I thought the moment was photogenic. I just love to bop around with my kids and we were having fun together. =)

Ella is a fan of the Bell, let me say. She particularly digs Mexican rice and cinnamon twists.


Ella cruises the kitchen while I cook

And she is often stuck with this view from the door, which just annoys her! (and yes- ofcourse whe can get the gate down. Hopefully a screen door to come soon!)

On the move

We had the great fortune of a day of work vehichles across the street. My boys were mesmerized as the lawn was totally torn up and loaded into the dump truck. Each time the truck filled up and left, Isaac called, “Bye, dump truck!” What a day.

A few weeks ago, family and cousins came to visit! Our niece and nephew, Kai (2) and Addie (almost 1) stayed for a long weekend full of fun times.

Ella and Aunt Shelbie

Boys hanging with Uncle Derrick

Kai building with legos

The brothers with their daughters.

Ella and Addie

Happy Birthday, Grandpa Ed!

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