A Baby Story

Five days of being a mom of two and I am TIRED! But I think that is mostly a result of the unpredictability of newborn sleep. Still- both of my boys are handling the transition so well and have been delightful to watch together.
Shortly after the birth
Upon reflecting on the whole actual birth experience, I’ve decided not to re-live the entire drama for your reading enjoyment. Its not that it didn’t go well- in some ways it went great. Its not that I have anything to hide- because I will flat out tell you there were two major points of mental breakdown on my part where my husband and birth team can be attributed for the absence of c-section. I just want to tell it this way. So here it is:

What I learned
Birth in all forms in painful. I thought the whole ordeal would be way less intense if I could do it without the c-section, and in many ways the recovery is. But as a whole- there’s a reason they call it labor.

Pick your team carefully. As I alluded to earlier, twice I mentally wore out and begged for it to end. Both times, the people around me dealt with me with such amazing understanding and firmness. Garrett was incredibly insightful to what I was really needing and he lead the way in communicating with our midwife and nurse about the reality of the situation. Everyone was so committed to the same goal, and it was a tangible blessing.

What I’ll Never Forget

“It’s a boy!” What an incredible moment to hear that announced at the climax of the whole event. I’ve done it both ways (found out on ultrasound or waited til delivery)- and the waiting is the way to go!

What I Regret

Even though I’m not proud of several choice moments in labor, what I’m most sorry about is that we didn’t get any early video footage of Isaac! In fact- we don’t have any yet. = 0

And the MVP goes to…
Garrett!!! I can’t say enough about how supportive, observant, insightful and encouraging he was throughout the entire event.

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  1. Oh Bec that is so great! Thanks for sharing about the day. I love Isaac’s scrunched up face. And you look gorgeous just after giving birth. I can only hope I look so glowy (cheesy I know, but you do look…well, glowy!)!Much love to you all!Kris

  2. count me in too for the “becky looks great after birth” vote! 🙂 way to go, girl! it’s true…labor is labor, but the fruit of it is the best part! extra points in my book for garrett and all his hard work for you and isaac!love, rach

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