8 years ago today

I went from me to we.

I kissed my husband for the first time.

It was 107 degrees outside.

I said good-bye to the single life, to the way I thought my life was going.

I spent 1.5 hours at the car wash trying to remove syrup, cheese loaf, and other disgusting things from our car.

I took a step that at the time seemed natural but now, the more I understand marriage, I see as totally radical.

I merged my life forever with a great man of confidence and humility.

I took the step that Tommy Nelson describes as taking a loaded shotgun, pointing it to your emotional happiness, and putting your mate’s hand on the trigger.

I started on a journey that would reveal the ugliness of my heart and the greatness of God’s grace in new and scary ways.

I got married. And though it has rarely been easy, I have learned from my husband that nothing meaningful is ever really easy.

Thanks to those of you were there. 

Thanks to those of you who are here.

Thanks to those of you who were part of the journey along the way, a journey that has changed my soul.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! It was a beautiful day and ceremony! But yes….so hot! I loved being a part of your day…even if our quartet started off in the wrong key…oops:)

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    To one of the most meaningful and stylishly beautiful weddings between two of the most committed and refreshingly authentic people. From the mother of two of the cutest kids who were dropping flowers and carrying rings that day. We love you!

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