7 quick takes

(I’ve seen a few other bloggers who regularly post “quick takes”- or just random things going on. Maybe it could be a weekly occurrence…who knows…but it seemed like a good idea for the random things popping around in our life. Here they are.)
1. I just went to lay Isaac down to bed and Drew, who usually stays up an hour later, said, “I think I’ll just go to bed, too.” (You can admit it- he is the best four year old ever.)
2. Speaking of exceptional children, every once in awhile you can expect a diaper blowout, right? You know, where it’s literally coming out all exits and up the back? Isaac set new records yesterday by actually having a blowout that came out the top of his collar. I don’t understand exactly how…and you can be thankful once again that our digital camera is AWOL.
3. The upside of cooking for 8 guys is that they cheer when they hear sloppy joe’s is for dinner. The downside- it takes about 4 lbs. of ground beef and 24 buns to feed them.
4. I’m a big American Idol fan. I rooted for David Cook last year so naturally I felt smug when he won. This year I like Danny Gokey (who doesn’t) and Lil Rounds.
5. Last fall we got a Sleep Number bed and it is the bomb.
6. I used to scrapbook…sort of. Me and scrapbooking are like that couple you know in high school who are so on again/off again you’re never sure if they are together. And finally you are so tired of hearing about it, you’re like, “Just get married or end it already.” So I finally let go on the idea of scrapbooking and have decided to make a hard copy of this blog. Seriously…I think it will be like an album of blog entries, because I blog about everything I would scrapbook, and then some. The question I’m wrestling with is- do I include the comments? I’m still thinking that through.
7. Our Release Ministries staff is reading a book by Watchman Nee called “The Character of the Lord’s Worker”. It is so challenging but so good. Nee basically writes each chapter on an individual character trait that he believes is essential to those who want to be used by God. The first two chapters were ‘A Good Listener’ and ‘A Lover of Men’. This current one is called ‘Having a Mind to Suffer’. Seriously convicting. (On a side note, Garrett and I have both been so impressed by the writing of Watchman Nee, we joked about naming our next boy after him. Can you just imagine Watchman Swanberg? That’s taking it to a new level.)

Over and out.

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