-1 and Counting

For all you folks who are assuming we may be at the hospital and just lacking in communication…well, the first assumption is not true! The due date has come and gone and I am still due. The week has been full of false alarms and frustrating moments as labor stalls out and we think, “No way! I thought for sure this was it.”

Its been interesting how waiting has been so trying for both Garrett and me as we fight all these underlying heart things. Waiting is a funny trial. Its not painful, though it feels it. Its not particularly intense, or really pressing, or obvious to those around you. It simply requires a patient heart and an ability to get past expectations and graciously interact with those around us. And we’re only one day overdue!

And so we wait.

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  1. now that i’m out of the hospital (oh yes, I am a continual source of drama) I’m checking every day for your news.waiting with you for a pic of that sweet one inside…rachel

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